Who Is Hazelwood?

Hazelwood is a diverse collection of small and medium sized enterprises, all owned and operated by the same family. Our corporate offices are located in Nanaimo BC with employees working in both Canada and the USA. Our related companies work within the Construction, Mining, Manufacturing, Retail, Real Estate Development & Renewable Energy Sectors.

Our companies are founded on the principles of dedication, teamwork, and commitment to quality construction. After more than 25 years, our companies continue to maintain stable growth, while steadily diversifying the overall group capacity and project portfolio. No job is too challenging because innovation and partnership are the keys to our success.

Our Development Partner

Momentum Design Build is an innovative design and build company.

They are industry-leaders driven to provide clients with custom residential and commercial solutions so they can live and work in spaces that are harmonious with the vibrant lifestyle of the west coast.

Our Project Partners